Be Part of Earth Hour 2011

Greetings everyone. I would be inviting each and everyone of you to take part of this once-a-year event Earth Hour. Since we are now on 2011, therefore it would be called as Earth Hour 2011. The event which will take place this 26th of March at exactly 8:30 pm to 9:30 our time ( Philippines ) aims to help preserve and eradicate all of those harmful pollutants surrounding our Mother Earth. It is being celebrated all throughout the world and every single participation means a lot in helping preserve our planet. It includes putting out of all the lights in every city around the world in order to lessen the emissions of those harmful elements in the atmosphere.

Moreover, you could do a whole lot of things even though the absence of electricity is at hand. Perhaps a family gathering 'round your backyard is quite ideal as well as going out for a family dinner. Or a grouping with your associates and friends. Even though the event only takes an hour or so, the results could therefore be great and beneficial to each and every one of us!

I just hope you won't forget to turn off the lights this Earth Hour 2011. It don't take a lot of effort. Just a simple consideration and giving worth of our planet is all it takes. Don't forget !



Motivation and Hardwork towards Success

"Success comes in handy when paired up with motivation and hardwork."

We all know that success is not a thing which could be achieve by just simply laying down and doing for nothing. The fact that success requires a lot of motivation and effort is what drives most successful men in what they are today. Success is not a story of a fool who waits for some fortune from above to fall down upon him. But it is the story of a wise man who endures a lot of obstacles and put in a lot of effort in order to get what he wants in life.
Motivation, on the other hand is something which is therefore required in order to achieve success. Without sheer motivation, success is dead. Of course we can't do anything or get anywhere if we're not motivated to do so. Doing something, without motivation, is nothing. It must always be a part of our daily lives, and must be taken into account in every action we take.

Along with motivation comes hardwork. Without hardwork, motivation is simply motivation. Much more like a man with no legs, how could we get to where we're supposed to be if we're lazy enough to do so? Yet, hardwork with no motivation is still another fault. We keep on doing things over and over but still not going anywhere. Just like motivation, if one of them is missing, then more likely one which just crumble to the ground.

Success takes quite some time before one could actually grab hold of it. If you really want to succeed in life, then put this two together. And soon you'll find your place on top. Live life !

Failures in Life

In everyday life, various events and instances occurs. Good things and bad things always come alike, and we must accept the fact that this kind of things always are inevitable. Good things, such as waking up a good day wearing a smile along, or perhaps chatting with some friends and even arriving home safe. What's worst are those  bad things. They're hard to deal with, and mostly people who suffer this easily breaks down.

Among these bad things is what we called as "FAILURE". Not passing the test, getting loss from an opponent, being scold by your employer, or even not being accepted from work. These are just such examples of failure. A lot of people may not realize it, but as what most people say, "Failure is what maketh a man strong". There is definitely no man who paved his way to success without even failing a single time. But the fact that a lot of people gives up the first time they've fall is quite hard to bear with. And this kind of thinking ain't good. We must always bear in mind, that failure is what makes us grow and helps us toughen ourselves. We learn from our mistakes. And we must make use of those mistakes in order to drive us forward. If you can't do that, then definitely, you've failed.

The first thing which makes a man fail is simply, his ignorance. Ignorance to himself and to all the things around him. If a man can't dare to take the second fight, he fail. That's all there is to it. Second, more probably what makes man fail, is his way of thinking. Should a man be thinking to himself that he can't do a particular thing, then in the first place, he fail. Edison failed a thousand times before perfecting the very first incandescent bulb and never ever gave up. An average man would have given up on the first attempt. Now you know, why there are a lot of average man, and only one Edison.

If you wish to succeed, then always keep in your mind that you can. Never lost hope, for opportunity seldom attends the funeral, when it dies. There's always a room for everything and everyone. Don't be afraid to venture out to new things. Should you fail, don't stay on the ground. Instead, get up and spread your wings. Live life to the fullest !

The Importance of Friendship in Our Life

Friendship. When we talk of this thing, perhaps the first thought jumping right through in would be those fun memories you've shared with each other, the times where you laugh along together and sharing almost everything. And of course, it couldn't be done alone; you would need someone to do this with you. Someone you would call a "friend".

And when we speak of friend, most likely it is someone whom you laugh along with, share your thoughts with and even someone who would be willing to go on along the long journey of life with you. It might be hard to look for such reliable and a good friend though. But the moment you've grab hold of him/her, don't ever let go, unless you would want to regret sooner or later for doing so.

"True friends are hard to come by".

A true is indeed, hard to come by. There are a lot of pretentious ones roaming around and it's quite not good to make an intimate friendship with someone who just recently butt in. Does it make any sense? Well, I just hope so.

So what exactly "is" or "are" the importance of a friendship? Let's just say it's as important as a food you would be consuming each day. As important as the air you breathe in. As important as the water you drink. And moreover, just as important as life itself.

Life without friendship, is no life at all. A person living without even a single friend is not a person at all. So, why? It is because friendship is something that lights up a gloomy face of the weary, enhances the performance of the weak as well as giving hope to the hopeless.

Here are some of the things to help you comprehend as to why and what makes friendship such an important part of life:

It gives color to life

Having no friends at all is more compared to a black and white world. You always feel sad, inverted as somewhat discontent with your life. You walk alone, mingle around alone, do things all alone, almost all things alone. Who would like to live like that? Ain't it just like watching a movie way back to the 60s? Well, friendship adds color to each own life. You better stick to it.

It improves character

Being able to stand alone on yourself firm and strong is mainly not because you've managed to take it alone. There are always some who are behind that affirmation. And with the presence of friendship and friends along in your life, it makes you stand tall.

It strengthens health

They say laughter is the best medicine. And you wouldn't be laughing all by yourself, right? That would sound hilarious if it is. A friend is always the source of happiness in your life if not by the things around you. The more happy you are in your existence, the more healthy your life is.

The are some of the primary, if not, the greatest importance of friendship in everyone's own life. Just always keep in mind that, no matter how much you say to yourself that you can go on life alone, a friend is always advisable. But be careful in choosing one, or else you'll end up regretting.

Towards a Stress-Free Way of Life

These days, stress have been such a thing that makes a life a lot harder than what it really is. Due to the different factors of life which we encounter everyday, stress is always easy to be acquired of. Mainly one of the cause of stress is due to being pressured from work and lacking the time to meditate oneself. Another factors that lead to a stressful life are smoking, drinking and such unhealthy habits.

No one wants a stressful life. Who would, anyway? But the main thing is, how do you do it? Well, here are some tips to help you started towards a stress-free way of life.

1. Don't rush in, be patient. Patience is a virtue. Doing the steps one by one is the easiest yet the most ideal way to get started. Having a scheduled exercise, cleaning your room, or perhaps take a stride along. Don't push yourself way beyond your limits and what you intend to do. Should you plan to clean your room, then do it the simple way and don't overdo it.

2. Make an arrangement, plan yourself. A busy schedule leads to a very stressful life. Make it easy by minimizing the things which you want to do in life. Don't say yes to all things. You should try to neglect some which are not that much important. Make some room for fun.

3. Engage in activities. Don't just stay in there and do nothing at all. Talk a way, do some jogging everyday and do some meditation. These could help relax your mind and body as well.

4. Get out of all those unhealthy habits. If you're a smoker or a drinker, you better stop quiting now as these will only do no good. Develop a balanced diet, eat fruits, vegetables and some nutritious ones.

5. Get out of debt.  A lot of people are being covered in huge debt. Try getting out of those debts as much as you can. If you've got some, try paying it one at a time and don't stick to such high debts as this will only deplete you of all your funds.

These are just some of the tips I could therefore recommend you to start living a stress-free way of life. If you've got some to share, then do it here. Live Life !

Live Life the Way You Want It

At times, you feel as if living your life to the fullest would seem to be quite complicated. A lot of stress from daily living, stress from work and from the surroundings as well all add up in deteriorating our chance of living our life to the fullest. But even though it may look like it, it is really possible to attain the life you really wanted.

You could simply start by yourself, be more optimistic and be more firm in standing at your own feet. Try to wear your smile every time you meet people around you everywhere. Always think to yourself that achieving a goal in life isn’t impossible as long as you’ve got your mind set to thinking that you could achieve this thing. And moreover, don’t be afraid of failure, ’cause it’s only part of life and it’s what makes as a strong being.

Provided that you have this kind of thinking, living your life to the fullest and the way you want it, would simply be as easy as ABC.

Live Life the Positive Way

In our modern day world filled with stressful moments and problems, it would be quite hard to live your life the way you ought it to be. And almost in every single day, you would find yourself striving hard to face each and every problem in your life. In no doubt, you lost all hope and finally gave up. But come to think of it, if you give up, how would you find life to be enjoying? And how can life be made enjoyable anyway? Well, there’s only one thing to it, and it’s living a positive life. Being positive brings forth all hope that was lost, therefore shining a path of light towards a more enjoyable life. Just as long as you live a positive life, you don’t lose your hope.
Living your life in this modern world is a lot more different than living it way back to the oldtimes. These days, there are a lot of stressful moments which we might encounter each day as we go on living our lives. And mostly some of us can’t handle them and could eventually be laid back down. The best option to counter this one out would probably be having a positive outlook towards life and living it the way its meant to be – POSITIVE.

Living a positive life would simply mean developing a positive outlook in life, let’s say “When life offers you a lemon, turn it into a lemonade! “. It may seem difficult to at first, but after some deep evaluation and sheer motivation, its not that complicated as what you can perceive it. Just as long as the will keeps going, there’s always a way to it.