What is this blog all about?

--Living seems to be pretty tough these days. Most individuals tend to lose track of their lives and eventually lead to nothingness. With that, we need help, inspiration, and some guide to live our lives the way it's meant to be. This blog will surely cover those stuff. All about life, self-motivation, relationships, friendship, self-improvement, success and a whole lot more.

When is it started?

--This blog has started months ago although it has been quite outdated and never been taken care of properly. However, things start to gain a new light now, and good to say, this blog is back once more.

Who started this blog?

--The author of this blog is Argie Monroy, a Filipino citizen from the Philippines. Having developed a passion about life and its various elements, all the ideas being accumulated are poured unto this blog which aims to provide resource and information to those who wants to know the various things in life.

Just a foreword..

I am not an expert in this field, but I have been through various experiences in life. These I will share to you in such a form of blogging.