Failures in Life

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  • Mar 24, 2011
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  • Argie Monroy
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  • In everyday life, various events and instances occurs. Good things and bad things always come alike, and we must accept the fact that this kind of things always are inevitable. Good things, such as waking up a good day wearing a smile along, or perhaps chatting with some friends and even arriving home safe. What's worst are those  bad things. They're hard to deal with, and mostly people who suffer this easily breaks down.

    Among these bad things is what we called as "FAILURE". Not passing the test, getting loss from an opponent, being scold by your employer, or even not being accepted from work. These are just such examples of failure. A lot of people may not realize it, but as what most people say, "Failure is what maketh a man strong". There is definitely no man who paved his way to success without even failing a single time. But the fact that a lot of people gives up the first time they've fall is quite hard to bear with. And this kind of thinking ain't good. We must always bear in mind, that failure is what makes us grow and helps us toughen ourselves. We learn from our mistakes. And we must make use of those mistakes in order to drive us forward. If you can't do that, then definitely, you've failed.

    The first thing which makes a man fail is simply, his ignorance. Ignorance to himself and to all the things around him. If a man can't dare to take the second fight, he fail. That's all there is to it. Second, more probably what makes man fail, is his way of thinking. Should a man be thinking to himself that he can't do a particular thing, then in the first place, he fail. Edison failed a thousand times before perfecting the very first incandescent bulb and never ever gave up. An average man would have given up on the first attempt. Now you know, why there are a lot of average man, and only one Edison.

    If you wish to succeed, then always keep in your mind that you can. Never lost hope, for opportunity seldom attends the funeral, when it dies. There's always a room for everything and everyone. Don't be afraid to venture out to new things. Should you fail, don't stay on the ground. Instead, get up and spread your wings. Live life to the fullest !


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