Live Life to the Fullest

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  • May 3, 2011
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  • Argie Monroy
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  • “Live life to the fullest”. They say that’s cliché. But I say that is basically how life should be lived.

    I am the kind of person who loves thrills and excitement. The hyperactive kind of person, one who cannot survive a day without fun, or to make it more euphemistic-sounding____ simply animated. But I guess you have, well, figured that out by now already basing from the quote above, which by the way is my mantra in life. Live life to the fullest; when I say that, it means me, making the most out of the things I love to do the most.

    life-to-the-fullestBut many people say that I cannot do this and I cannot do that. But who cares? That’s part of the thrill anyway___ making people see how wrong they are for thinking such a thing. Or if they turn out to be right by thinking that way, then, who cares again? I’ll still live.

    Now I hope you’re not getting me wrong. I still care for what people say of me. I’m not totally unfeeling. But the fact is that I choose what and to whom I listen. I listen when what they say are things which help in shaping me and my character. That is what the term constructive criticism is all about anyway. And most of all, I listen when the words come from people who truly care about me and only those who are worth emulating.

    But I have my fair share of weaknesses too. There are times when my deeds and tongue just outrun my thoughts. I act on impulse, I say things that are not supposed to be said and I have the knacks for sarcasm. These things have been in my character for so long already and I’m growing tired of them. So guess what? I’m working out hard now to minimize, if not totally do away with them. But then again, I know that no matter how hard I try, I could not and will never be able to successfully overcome these faults if I just trust and rely on my own capacities and judgment. I need Someone who will do it with and for me. Now I know you are wise enough to know who that Someone is_____ yes, it’s God.

    No what else is about me? Let me check my personality bank if I still have some fascinating facts left about me that you may find good. Oh! Did I just say fascinating facts? Yes, there it is. I love fascinating facts! I have a collection of downloaded materials that contain facts that would fascinate anybody who shares the same wavelength of thinking as I have. I also love to watch and read materials that tackle about new discoveries or new trends. But here’s the thing: I always find it hard to retain and keep these things in my memory bank. So that next thing I know, I am totally forgetting about the things I have watched, read or listened to.

    Now, I guess I have said enough about me. You may or you may not find me appealing. But here’s the catch of the whole matter: “I am who I am”.


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