Family : A Crucial Element in Everyone's Life

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  • Mar 28, 2011
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  • Argie Monroy
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  • A family, just like friends, is such a crucial element in everyone's own lives. Without them, therefore we are nothing as well. Friends may always be there for you but a family will always be the one who'll pick you up whenever you're in the deepest despair. A family would eventually always be there not just to comfort you but to help you stand up once more. Moreover, as we all descend from a toddler to a full grown-up, our family becomes less and less significant as we all started to seek a family of our own. This is quite normal though, since it is part of growing up and be more mature to face the future all by yourself.

    But no matter what happens or come what may, we must never ever forget that it is our family which help us make a family. And here are some points to get this with.

    --A family, no matter what things may happen, will always be their for you, care for you and support you in your needs. With them, we would all feel the true meaning of life and the true essence of love and being love.

    --A family gives us the advise we all needed in order to take the path of life. It is usually the father, which is the head of the family giving us counseling to get strong in life and the mother which gives us advices on how to handle it.

    --A family is the main source of inspiration. It is what fuels us up to get us where we would be planning to go. Life's like that. Family will always be just like that.

    --Last of all ( as what I can say for the moment ), a family is our life. It is simply because they give us meaning to our everyday living as well as spicing up our lives. Friends are great addition in our lives though, but without family, it would still be a gray world.

    We might not be taking too much importance of this facts, but we must never forget that our family is what keeps us moving. And the start of a good family relies in each and everyone's hands. Live Life !


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